Telerik Announces New Products ... and More

Telerik Announces New Products ... and More

Telerik announced the availability of r.a.d.controls Q4 2005. r.a.d.controls is a suite used to build cross-browser, standards-compliant ASP.NET sites and applications. The quarterly update includes five new products; updates to r.a.d.grid, r.a.d.combobox, and r.a.d.callback; and extended AJAX capabilities and full support for the official release of Visual Studio 2005.

   The new products include r.a.d.input 1.0, a customizable component for controlled data input (masked textbox and date input) in ASP.NET applications; r.a.d.calendar 1.0, a lightweight calendar control with native AJAX support, multi-view mode, previous/next month preview panes, etc.; r.a.d.upload 1.0, an AJAX-enabled multi-file upload control;  r.a.d.toolbar 1.0, a component for implementing tool-strips found in most Web applications; and r.a.d.window 1.0, a component that replaces the standard browser dialog boxes and alert/prompt/confirm boxes, allowing you to add desktop-like windowing capabilities to your ASP.NET applications.

 Upgrades to the products include r.a.d.grid 3.0, which now features out-of-the-box AJAX support, filtering, codeless extracting of values from templated columns, automatic insertion of records, support for the automatic data editing operations of ASP.NET 2.0 DataSource controls, and more; r.a.d.combobox 2.0, which now supports multiple columns in the dropdown, column headers, more flexible end-user restriction policies, and an external CallBackStreamer for load-on-demand AJAX scenarios; and r.a.d.callback 1.5, which has added two new controls (RadioButton and LinkButton) to the AJAX suite, as well as modified the controls to accept parameters in the query string and work with cookieless sessions.

  r.a.d.controls Q4 2005 is available as a single-developer license and a single-developer subscription license. The update is free to customers with an active subscription. Every build includes versions for .NET 1.x, as well as a special version built for Visual Studio 2005. All controls included in r.a.d.controls Q4 2005 are also available individually.


Telerik Corp.

Price: Single-developer license, US$799; single-developer subscription license, US$999.

Web Site:


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