Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio 4.4

Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio 4.4

Syncfusion, a provider of ASP.NET and Windows Forms components for the .NET platform, announced the release of Essential Studio 4.4. This release rounds out Syncfusion support for the new Office 2007 look and feel, which .NET developers can add to their applications using Essential Tools. Version 4.4 also includes performance updates within Essential Grid, and Essential Chart includes new chart wizards and an attractive new look and feel. All Syncfusion Essential Studio ASP.NET controls are now Atlas-enabled, and with Version 4.4 all Syncfusion controls can be hosted inside an Atlas update panel, allowing developers to AJAX-enable their applications.

 Essential Studio 4.4 provides complete support for implementing the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface. Essential Tools provides multiple ribbon-tabs, quick buttons, menu buttons, and super tooltips. Developers working with Essential Tools can now enable cutting-edge Office 2007 features in their Windows Forms applications. Complete design-time support is available.

 Developers working with Essential Grid can now make it possible for their customers to have real-time data display and still benefit from the immense readability of grouped data, complete with summaries. The Grouping Grid has been enhanced to include only a few property settings, and the grid can handle frequent updates more efficiently. A HiddenScrollLogic feature has been added for better performance when syncing hidden rows and columns with the ScrollGrid, and it enhances performance by using the binary trees to map from the original to the visible position and vice versa. Instead of using a custom grouping engine, developers can enable the new optimizations with simple properties on the GridGroupingControl.

 Essential Chart for Windows Forms and ASP.NET offers an all new look and feel. There are new shading and lighting effects, and developers working with Essential Chart can upgrade their charts to the new look. All new chart wizards in Version 4.4 make it simple to configure charts, and performance has been improved with unlimited numbers of points and series.

 Essential Studio 4.4 also includes new features and fixes across the Syncfusion 11-product range of ASP.NET and Windows Forms controls. From Essential XlsIO s memory usage optimizations for reading and writing Excel spreadsheets, to new native support for barcodes within Essential PDF, to the latest UI.

  For details about Essential Studio 4.4 s new features visit Test-drive Version 4.4 today by downloading the Essential Studio 4.4 evaluation at Details about all products in Syncfusion Essential Studio are available at


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