Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio 4.2

Syncfusion Announces Essential Studio 4.2

Syncfusion released Essential Studio version 4.2, the latest update to its line of ASP.NET and Windows Forms components for Visual Studio .NET developers.

 Chief among Essential Studio s new additions is Essential DocIO, a product added to Syncfusion s line of input/output products that enables the reading and writing of Microsoft Word documents. This latest release also includes improved AJAX support. This version also supports Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition, and Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition.

 Version 4.2 also introduces Essential TestStudio, which enables automated testing of end-user applications developed using Essential Grid, Essential Grouping, and Essential Tools. Essential TestStudio is included at no extra cost with each Essential Studio Enterprise Edition license.

 Essential Grid 4.2 also includes updated showcase applications that illustrate the latest in grid-based user interface design. Essential Grid for ASP.NET has several new properties in the GroupingGrid for look-and-feel customization. It also includes improved support for rendering in Mozilla.

 Essential Chart now features integrated support for calculating and displaying the results of a large number of statistical functions, including, but not limited to: Anova, Beta Function, Beta Cumulative Distribution, Gamma Function, Gamma Cumulative Distribution, and more. Other key features added include the ability to create charts that allow developers to visualize and compare two populations using the new Tornado-type chart. 3-D charts can also now be created with support for displaying labels along the Z-axis. Essential Chart will allow developers to enhance their existing charts with several fixes and enhancements to pie charts, step-line charts, and Gantt charts. Chart legends can now be completely customized with support for changing each item in a legend independently.

 Essential Edit has been updated with the addition of support for smart indentation and AutoText formatting, which will allow end users to easily format text. Developers can easily create applications that serialize the contents of the EditControl. The EditControl can be utilized in an unconventional way by exporting the display to an image. Additionally, a Visual Studio 2005-like Code Snippets feature has been added.

 Essential Tools also has been updated with additions to its full spectrum of controls, including the Docking Manager Package, the Menus Package, the Tree Package, the Tabs Package, the TabbedMDI Package, the Navigation Package, the Editors Package, the Layout Package, and the TreeView Package.

 Essential Tools for ASP.NET has gone through the most changes to date with brand new controls, including TreeControl, GroupBar, TabStrip, PopupControlContainer, Toolbar, Snap, RichTextEditor, and SpellChecker. Developers may use these new ASP.NET controls, as well as the existing controls, with built-in AJAX support to build Outlook-style Web clients. In version 4.2, Essential Tools for ASP.NET also features improved support for rendering in Mozilla and improved EditorControls behavior to better the developer experience.

 Essential HTMLUI has new support for FindDialog to show the text selected in the control inside the textbox as seen in Visual Studio .NET. Support for the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut for copying the text selected has also been added, allowing developers to select text from the displayed HTML and copy to the clipboard, as well as other applications. Developers working with Essential HTMLUI can load HTML documents and allow their users to search the text by programmatically controlling the search dialogue. The HTMLUI control has been improved with several enhancements and fixes to allow for the proper display of HTML elements.

 Visit the Syncfusion Web site for complete details on all the updates to Essential Studio.


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