Summarize All the Constraints for a Table


The output of the sp_helpconstraint system stored procedure consists of three result sets, so you can't insert the output into a temporary table.Therefore, I created the sp_showConstraints stored procedure as a short and simple alternative to using sp_helpconstraint when I need to find all the constraints for a table.

The sp_showConstraints store procedure analyzes all constraints and summarizes them in a short result set that consists of the constraint name, ID, type, and level. All information is decoded out of the sysconstraints system table.

Listing 1 shows the code for sp_show-Constraints. To use this stored procedure, you call it with code such as

USE pubs
 EXEC sp_showConstraints 'Authors' 

Table 1 shows sample results from sp_showConstraints. I tested this procedure in SQL Server 2005.
— Eli Leiba

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