Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series

Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series

Stampede Technologies announced the availability of the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series, a solution designed to accelerate the growing array of new enterprise applications implemented using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Extensible Markup Language (XML), and Asynchronous Java and XML (AJAX) technologies. This solution platform is the first to combine traditional Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and WAN Optimization Controller (WOC) acceleration techniques with XML Content Based Routing, Schema Validation, and Threat Management Services.

 The Stampede solutions are implemented with a hardware appliance at the data center, and client software technology for bi-directional acceleration.

 The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series appliances are built on industry-standard hardware and software platforms, utilizing the full power of Linux and 64-bit hardware. Stampede s new Acceleration On-Demand client technology leverages the Win32 environment to automatically inject itself into the downloaded Web page to optimize XML, AJAX, HTTP, HTTPS, and .NET environments, without the need to install hardware or software at the remote locations.

 In addition, specialized hardware acceleration is also available for those enterprises with more demanding needs. In partnership with Tarari, Inc., the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series offers highly scalable parallel content processing technology for XML Schema Validation, XML Content Based Routing, and XML Threat Management Services.

 The Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series and the Stampede Application Acceleration Series appliance software have also been enhanced to provide: High Availability Mesh Configurations, which establish a primary appliance for serving initial Acceleration On-Demand requests, and a pool of appliances for processing subsequent applications request; Application Monitoring tools to facilitate optimal tuning; and Load Simulation scripting tools to facilitate the creation of controlled performance test scenarios.

 Client licensing for the Stampede Web 2.0 Performance Series, including the recently launched Acceleration On-Demand client technology, starts at US$35 for a single license; appliance pricing starts at US$50,000.


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