SQL Shield 2.0 Released

SQL Shield 2.0 Released

SQL Shield from ActiveCrypt provides a layer of encryption over and above MSSQL native encryption, rendering SQL scripts unviewable and impenetrable by any known decryptor. There is no need to restore procedures encrypted by SQL Shield before executing them because all encrypted procedures remain executable, and installing SQL Shield does not affect settings or replace default encryption options. SQL Shield gives database administrators a choice of which encryption settings to apply.

 SQL Shield is a built-in tool for MSSQL 7, 2000, and MSDE servers that offers hacker-proof encryption for triggers, views, and procedures. The new GUI in SQL Shield 2.0 enables quick encryption to a single procedure or an entire database. Visit the SQL Shield Web site for complete details.

 Single-user, site, or redistribution licenses are available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Hindi, and traditional and simplified Chinese. Visit the SQL Shield Web site for a free trial version.


ActiveCrypt Software LLC

Price: Starts at US$199.

Web Site: http://www.sql-shield.com


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