SPI Dynamics Contributes to Certification Exam for Developers

SPI Dynamics Contributes to Certification Exam for Developers

SPI Dynamics, a provider of Web application security testing software, announced they have partnered with educational organization the SANS Institute to help develop and provide significant content to the GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) Secure Software Professional (GSSP) exam, the industry s first certification examinations for development professionals. Additionally, SPI Dynamics and SANS have teamed to deliver the Software Security Series, a 40-city educational workshop series focused on secure coding techniques and best practices for the developer community.

 Educating developers on building secure code is key to solving the intricate security implications of the evolving Web, with increasingly dynamic and rich applications that take advantage of the latest development technologies such as AJAX. In addition to ongoing educational events, informational Webcasts, and expert articles, SPI Dynamics has introduced products throughout the development lifecycle that natively integrate with development platforms to conduct application security testing as an integrated and non-disruptive part of existing software development processes.

 GIAC Secure Software Professional (GSSP) Exam. SPI Dynamics has been an early participant in discussions with SANS on best practices and standards for the development community, and has contributed significant resources toward the overall program initiatives, including a majority of the content to the first GSSP certification examinations for programming professionals that SANS has in development. The examinations cover four specific programming language suites: C/C++, Java/JSP, Perl/PHP, and .NET/ASP, and are designed to enable reliable measurements of technical proficiency and expertise in identifying and correcting the common programming errors that lead to security vulnerabilities.

 Software Security Series. Security issues in application software are nothing new and have been prevalent since software was introduced. However, the new technologies of today can amplify the common insecurities found in applications not built with security in mind. The 40-city joint workshop series hosted by the SANS Institute and SPI Dynamics (http://www.sans.org/softwaresecurity07/index.php) is dedicated to educating developers on how to develop secure software, and also provides a hacker s perspective while covering the widespread attack techniques used today to maliciously compromise critical applications.

 Working with more than 950 customers, SPI Dynamics has developed the innovative solutions that address the growing need to simplify security testing and incorporate it as an integrated function of the overall software development lifecycle.


SPI Dynamics, Inc.

Web Site: http://www.spidynamics.com


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