SpeechKit 5 Released

SpeechKit 5 Released

Chant announced the availability of SpeechKit 5, a new version of its component software that enables software programs and Web pages to speak and respond to voice.

 Developers can now add speech recognition and speech synthesis (text-to-speech) capabilities to desktop, Web, and mobile applications that can utilize the majority of available speech technologies. SpeechKit 5 provides a common application interface for Cepstral, IBM, Microsoft, and Nuance speech technologies.


New key features and capabilities provided by SpeechKit 5 include:

  • Native speech API support for Cepstral, Nuance RealSpeak Solo, and Nuance VoCon 3200
  • WinCE Edition for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • Unified audio management for playback and recording independent of Speech APIs and event handling for USB wireless headsets
  • Performance enhancements and streamlined queue management for synchronous and asynchronous requests


For more information about features and pricing, visit http://www.speechkit.com.


Chant Inc.

Price: SpeechKit 5 Win32 Developer Edition, US$199. SpeechKit 5 WinCE Developer Edition, US$199. SpeechKit Win32 Deployment Edition, US$199. SpeechKit WinCE Deployment Edition, US$399.

Web Site: http://www.chant.net


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