SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR v4 Announced

SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR v4 Announced

Pegasus Imaging Corp. launched their latest SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR development toolkit. Designed for use in Win32 visual development environments, SmartScan Xpress ICR/OCR/OMR v4 is a .NET control, COM component, and VCL that offers developers the ability to recognize characters and marks, define forms, recognize forms, and perform image clean up. Version 4 includes an enhanced recognition engine and features designed to facilitate form processing application development.

 Pegasus Imaging s scientists have written a new form recognition algorithm to support application requirements identifying form types and to tailor processing instructions for each form type processed. This algorithm corrects image warping or resizing introduced through scanning and copying, and automatically reorients images scanned at 90, 180, and 270 degrees from a user-provided form template. Form drop out and stroke restoration can be requested as well. Form registration is another new feature, added to remove image warping or resizing and to position scanned forms correctly for zonal form processing.

 Enhanced preprocessing and image clean-up actions, including improved line removal, border removal, and deskew, can be applied to the entire form or to specified regions of interest as programmatically defined. Form processing instructions can easily be defined using the new Forms Editor application designed to generate form processing instructions. The Forms Editor includes .NET source code, allowing developers to augment the application for specialized requirements.

 Pegasus Imaging also enhanced the character and mark recognition engine. Advanced form clean up and character segmentation technology result in improved OCR, MICR, and ICR recognition, and more accurate translation of images into character or mark representations. In addition to machine-print uppercase/lowercase alphabetic and numeric, version 4 recognizes accented characters, currency symbols, digits, arithmetic symbols, expanded punctuation characters, and more. OMR is also improved in version 4, including specification of OMR fields as grids (rows and columns) or as single bubbles. MICR is improved to recognize and properly report MICR symbols, as well as return MICR digits.

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