SmartInspect 1.3 with Log-level Support Released

SmartInspect 1.3 with Log-level Support Released

Gurock Software announced the release of SmartInspect 1.3. SmartInspect is a logging tool for debugging and monitoring .NET, Java, and Delphi applications. SmartInspect 1.3 includes major new features, such as complete log levels and support for Delphi 2006.

 The log-level support in the SmartInspect libraries enables developers to categorize log entries into groups and selectively enable and disable them. This gives developers complete control over the granularity of created log files and can help reduce unnecessary log messages. For example, it is possible to log only errors and warnings in case of a software failure; this helps identify and solve software issues faster.

 The new SmartInspect release also includes code templates and snippets for a variety of development environments. Code templates and snippets are a great assistance and time-saver when writing source code in modern editors. SmartInspect 1.3 ships with code templates and snippets for Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi, Borland BDS 2006, and Eclipse.

 Besides other new features and bug fixes in this SmartInspect version, SmartInspect 1.3 comes with a Reload Last Log File functionality to refresh a log file with one key press, the new LogColored method for easier differentiating of important messages, and a new event for filtering log entries.

   Registered customers can download the new version for free. A 45-day, fully functional trial version is available for download.


Gurock Software

Price: US$229

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