{smartassembly} 2.0 Released

{smartassembly} 2.0 Released

Cachupa announced the release of version 2.0 of {smartassembly}, an improvement and protection tool for managed applications (.NET, C#, VB.NET, etc.). {smartassembly} 2.0 improves .NET assemblies obfuscation, optimization, and post-deployment debugging.

 As .NET developers or software vendors, it s vital to secure applications with optimal protection against reverse-engineering; if you don t, you put your intellectual property at stake, as well as your business. {smartassembly} enables .NET developers to deliver a smart version of their .NET assembly, improved and protected.

 {smartassembly} 2.0 further expands the difference with a new inductive user interface, and many improvements and new features to increasingly secure the application and improve performance and deployment: dependencies compression and embedding; memory management; anti-disassembler and anti-decompiler protection; exception reporting improvements for increased debugging capabilities; obfuscation and pruning improvements; application self-diagnostic for troubleshooting; and more.

 Windows Vista and the .NET 3.0 Framework are fully supported. A full-featured evaluation version can be downloaded at http://www.smartassembly.com/download. More information is available at http://www.smartassembly.com.



Price: {smartassembly} Standard Edition, US$399; {smartassembly} Professional Edition, US$599; {smartassembly} Enterprise Edition, US$799 (per developer).

Web Site: http://www.smartassembly.com


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