SlickEdit v10 Announced

SlickEdit v10 Announced

Whether used as a standalone development environment or as a complementary editor, SlickEdit, a multi-language development workbench, provides features for analyzing, working with, and improving the readability of code. Features and benefits of SlickEdit v10 include:

  • New architectural and user interface updates allow for dockable windows, tab groups, auto-hide functions, mouse wheel spin events, and new icons.
  • Debugger enhancements include mixed mode view; multiprocessor debugging support; and hex, octal, and binary views.
  • Support for free Microsoft SDKs allows users to obtain the Microsoft compilers from the Internet for free and use SlickEdit as the development platform.
  • Multiple Java support enhancements, such as real-time error notification to catch syntax and compilation errors live while editing code, hot swap debugging, J2ME support, JavaScript support, and other JSP enhancements.
  • JUnit test support allows users to view test results and reconcile failed code.
  • General enhancements such as unattended installation, customer service-related features, subversion support, and a quick renaming option are intended to further enhance coding productivity.

 SlickEdit v10 has a new look with updated icons and the flexibility to arrange windows and toolbars any way you want. SlickEdit also added Subversion support and a method for system administrators to perform unattended installation of SlickEdit across the enterprise.

 Visit the SlickEdit Web site to download a 15-day trial version.


SlickEdit Inc.

Price: Starts at US$299

Web Site:


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