SftTree/OCX 5.0 Released

SftTree/OCX 5.0 Released

softel vdm announced SftTree/OCX 5.0, its ActiveX tree control for Windows that offers multi-line, multi-column, and hierarchical data displays.

 Other features include: fixed or variable height items, single and multiple selection built-in, virtual mode (for flat lists), full printing support and print preview support using the separately available SftPrintPreview/OCX control, Splitter bar, ToolTips and ScrollTips, Right-To-Left Reading support, built-in drag and drop or OLE drag and drop within and outside tree control, cell editing using most Windows controls, cell editing with cell motion completely under application control, multi-column support with resizable columns, hidden columns and column reordering, headers with text and graphics, cells with text and graphics (supporting bitmaps, icons, ImageList controls, built-in images, and Windows metafiles), cell merging and column header merging, sorting, full UNICODE support, full Help integration for Visual Studio.NET 2002, 2003, and 2005, XCOPY deployment, and more.

 SftTree/OCX 5.0 supports Visual Studio.NET, C#, VB.NET, VB6, VC++, Access, Delphi, and more. Visit the softel Web site for details on all the features and upgrades, as well as a free downloadable demonstration version.


Softel vdm, Inc.

Price: US$439

Web Site: http://www.softelvdm.com


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