Session 2: Go Beyond the Management Shell with SharePoint and Windows PowerShell

Presented by: Gary LaPointe

Running Time: 100 min

Windows PowerShell is so much more than what you can run from the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell command line. To be an effective SharePoint administrator, you need to be able to automate common or complex tasks with scripts that are reusable, tolerant to errors, and sensitive to edge cases or unexpected conditions.

In this session, MVP Gary Lapointe will build on the information learned in the previous session. You’ll learn the concepts and techniques that will set you on the course to becoming a scripting guru. You’ll learn about functions, conditional logic, iteration, and error handling techniques. You’ll also learn how to administer SharePoint from the comfort of your own desktop, using Windows PowerShell remoting. This includes how to connect to your SharePoint environment as well as best practices around session management. This session and the first session, A Practical JumpStart to Administering SharePoint with Windows PowerShell, will give you the PowerShell knowledge necessary to address the use cases in the next session, Automating SharePoint Administration with Windows PowerShell.