Secure Access 2.0 for .NET

Secure Access 2.0 for .NET

PortSight released a new version of its Secure Access component, which provides user management and access control features for .NET applications. Version 2.0 offers such enhancements as extended support for WinForms applications and Web services, import from Active Directory, and a wizard for application security settings. The Enterprise Edition integrates with Active Directory, which significantly simplifies management of user accounts.

  Secure Access solves common security issues: user management, role-based security, permission management, and auditing. It allows developers to password-protect any .NET application and control access to ASP.NET pages, application modules, or application functionality.

  The previous version focused on ASP.NET applications; version 2.0 also secures WinForms clients and Web services. It also contains its own Web service that provides its application programming interface to virtually any platform.

  Secure Access 2.0 is available in three editions: The Community Edition is free and limited to 100 user accounts; the Standard Edition is focused on Web site security; and the Enterprise Edition targets enterprise solutions that require integration of user accounts with an existing infrastructure. It supports import from Microsoft Active Directory, Windows NT domains, and ODBC databases.



Price: Community Edition, free; Standard Edition, US$249 per server; Enterprise Edition, US$399 per server.

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