RichTextBox 2.0

RichTextBox 2.0 has released RichTextBox 2.0, including a host of new features, such as an integrated spell checker, to enable users to quickly publish and manage content more accurately than ever before. RichTextBox 2.0 is released in two editions: Standard and Professional.


Standard 2.0 provides a customizable online WYSIWYG rich-text content editor with over 20 functions, including bold, italic, bullets, styles, font formatting, table formatting, image insertion and upload, color picking, and hyperlinks.


Professional 2.0 targets users with extensive publishing and content management needs and boasts an integrated spell checker, which is completely integrated within the editor so that no additional programming or complex installation work is required during implementation. US (American) English spell-checking is provided out-of-the-box, and several additional language packs are currently available. Other important new features include extended support for importing Microsoft Word documents; extensive editing and formatting of tables; link editing; a full color picker; and extensive layering and positional support.

Price: Standard, US$200; Professional, US$350

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