RichDatePicker 1.6 Available

RichDatePicker 1.6 Available

Richer Components announced the availability of RichDatePicker 1.6, their date and time picker for ASP.NET.

 RichDatePicker 1.6 features date selection, time selection, financial periods, day and month selection, week selection, month and year selection, multiple date selection, restricted date ranges, a Label property, date-specific labels, in-page rendering, Read Only mode, and improved presentation. It is also fully cross-browser compatible, offers design-time support, supports Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio.NET 2003, and Web Matrix, has ASP.NET SmartNavigation, and is Global Assembly Cache ready.

 RichDatePicker 1.6 provides the ability to use an external JavaScript file, which allows the client-side script in the file to be cached in the user s Web browser so subsequent page loads are much faster as the page itself contains virtually no script.

 RichDatePicker 1.6 supports a new MinimizeScript mode. When a control is first loaded, minimal script is rendered. When the date selector button or image icon is clicked, the page posts back and loads the date picker code and displays the picker.

 Using RichDatePicker 1.6, CSS styling applied using the ButtonStyle property is applied to the button when an image button is used, making it possible to customize the styling of the image button used to open the pop-up date picker.

 Using RichDatePicker 1.6, there is also no need to write date validation code or regular expressions or write or understand JavaScript or client-side scripting. RichDatePicker 1.6 is reusable and adaptable across multiple applications, including secure sites, and resolves interface localization issues with dates in different cultures.

 RichDatePicker 1.6 is a free upgrade for existing RichDatePicker customers.


Richer Components

Price: Starts at US$149

Web Site:


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