Red Brook Software Enhances WiredNav

Red Brook Software Enhances WiredNav

Red Brook Software announced WiredNav 3.0, an enhanced version of their self-wiring .NET control for filling, navigating, searching, validating, updating, and reporting ADO.NET data tables. The control can be used in database applications without the developer writing a single line of code or making any initial property settings for the control.

 There are no DataAdapter, DataSet, DataSource, BindingSource, or DataTable properties for the control. At run time, WiredNav automatically wires itself to every data object found on the Windows form to which it is added. With this technique, only one navigator is required per form instead of one per data table without additional coding. When a user enters a DataGridView or other data-bound control, WiredNav switches to the correct instances of the data objects for the data-bound control.

 WiredNav allows developers to set up input validation using a unique interface at design time for DataGridView, TextBox, and ComboBox controls and validate them at run time. WiredNav can validate input using Constant Value, Constant Value List, Range Values, Regular Expression, and Data Type Only validation types. WiredNav provides detailed error messages for each validation type and custom error messages can also be created.

 WiredNav adds flexible report management for SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports. When filtering is required, the user can enter parameter values for SQL Server Reporting Services or selection criteria for Crystal Reports.

 WiredNav is based on a ToolStrip and can be placed in the panels of a ToolStripContainer. The button images on the navigator can be customized and the entire navigator can be hidden on the Windows form. WiredNav methods can be used in code to duplicate all the functionality of the navigator when items are not visible or the navigator is hidden.

 WiredNav includes a number of new features to improve data binding, currency management, and disconnected data handling. WiredNav can connect to SQL, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC data adapters. WiredNav can also wire up the following third-party grids: ComponentOne True DBGrid for .NET, Developer Express XtraGrid for .NET, Infragistics UltraWinGrid, Janus GridEX Control for .NET, and Xceed Grid for .NET.


Red Brook Software, Inc.

Price: US$199

Web Site:


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