The RCA Experience II



The RCA Experience II


By David Riggs


This is my second year organizing and overseeing the annual asp.netPRO Readers Choice Awards (RCA). Many things went more smoothly than last year, but there were still issues to deal with: Why is my product in this category? Why is that product listed ahead of mine? Why isn t this product on the list? You certainly can t please everyone, there s just no way but darn if we don t try.


Putting together this kind of list is a dynamic process that often takes on a life of its own; companies and products come and go so fast it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the changes. Other products are difficult to categorize. And, I ll admit, we unfortunately miss a few products every year; it s the nature of the beast. It s definitely a work in progress every year. I appreciate those of you who contacted us to identify when we had gone astray. One thing is certain: Our readers are passionate about their tools most of the e-mails I received about missing products didn t come from the vendors, they came from the users. To me this indicates a level of involvement in the ASP.NET community that is second to none. And it certainly validates the long hours spent by many third-party companies developing, testing, and marketing their products.


The winners get bragging rights for a year, as well as the use of the asp.netPRO Readers Choice logo on their Web sites and promotional materials. Be assured, however, that being able to say your company is the choice of professional ASP.NET developers is no trivial matter. But sometimes not winning can provide the drive and inspiration to achieve more in the coming year.


I d like to thank all the third-party vendors who provide the products and services included in our survey. The products they create and the risks they take to bring them to market are what these awards are all about. Their efforts make your ASP.NET development efforts more efficient, more productive, and, hopefully, more profitable. Congratulations to every company on the ballot; there would be no ASP.NET community without these entrepreneurs who risk their time and effort each year.


I d also like to extend my thanks to all of you in the ASP.NET community who took time to visit our Web site and vote for your favorite products. This was your chance to recognize and praise those in our industry who provide the products and services that make you more productive. The asp.netPRO Readers Choice Awards really do belong to you.


The ballots have been cast, collected, and counted. Were there any surprise winners? What products continue to dominate? Read And the Survey Says ... to find out and for all the results of this year s asp.netPRO Readers Choice Awards.


David Riggs is editor-in-chief of asp.netPRO and its companion e-newsletter, asp.netNOW. Reach him at mailto:[email protected].




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