RapidSpell Web .NET v3.4 Available

RapidSpell Web .NET v3.4 Available

Keyoti released v3.4 of its ASP.NET spell checker control for Web applications. Add multilingual spell-check functionality into ASP.NET Web applications with only a few lines of code. RapidSpell Web provides ASP.NET developers and designers with a cross-browser (and multi-client platform) server control that requires no client installation, no special security settings, and programmatic flexibility. Written for .NET in C#, RapidSpell Web includes two interfaces, an inline highlighter and a no post-back dialog interface. RapidSpell includes five English dictionaries, including 140,000 word US + UK dictionaries (separate and combined), plus Canadian and Australian English. Non-English dictionaries are also available.

 All the included spell-checker controls can be enabled as Validators, which perform validation of spelling in text boxes before allowing data to be saved. For example, when the form is posted back, the RapidSpellWebLauncher or RapidSpellWInline control will check for errors. If there are errors, the user is prompted (in the validation summary) to run a spell check. They don t have to correct all errors, but they must at least run the spell checker. The spell checker also can be started automatically.

 RapidSpell Web has a decoupled checker engine, which allows (via an interface definition) the use of any core spell-checker class or other type of text parser to be used with the interface. This allows complete customization of the engine (including for tasks other than spell checking, such as offensive word checking) and the interface.


General Details

  • Quick designer-based usage with the flexibility of code-behind access.
  • Provides a spelling component to add spell-check functionality to your Web applications simply by adding the Web control to an aspx page or directly accessing the classes in a code-behind page. There are no programming skills required.
  • The UI provides all the usual features, add (to user dictionary), change, change all, ignore, ignore all, and smart suggestions. The user dictionary is stored on the server and can be unique per user, or shared amongst groups. The spell checker UI features an advanced preview pane to interactively highlight errors (with no post back), and accepts manual corrections.
  • Comprehensive text box support (plain, rich, custom).
  • Interactively checks any server or client-side text boxes. The custom client-side interface mechanism allows interaction with practically any component.
  • Inline document highlighting.
  • The RapidSpellWInline control provides Windows-style in-text-box highlighting, with editable text box support for modern browsers and static overlay support for older browsers.
  • The RapidSpellWebLauncher control provides traditional dialog (modal/non-modal) spell checking.
  • Open API, for customization and non-GUI usage. The open API allows customizations to be made to behavior: user dictionary behavior, parser behavior, custom ignore patterns.
  • The included non-GUI component provides core spell-checker functionality through the RapidSpellChecker class, which makes it suitable for server applications and any console application.
  • Customizable dictionaries.
  • Popup or in-page spell checking modes.
  • RapidSpellWInline uses AJAX to highlight errors inside the text box.
  • Free updates and support.
  • Free minor version updates are included with a purchased license, as is e-mail technical support.
  • RapidSpell Web works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, and Safari. It uses only HTML and JavaScript, so there are no special requirements, plug-ins, or long downloads.


Download a free evaluation.


Keyoti, Inc.

Price: Starts at US$250

Web Site: http://keyoti.com


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