Quality Control Charting Software Targets C# and Visual Basic .NET

Quality Control Charting Software Targets C# and Visual Basic .NET

Quinn-Curtis introduced SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net, an object-oriented, .NET-based toolkit aimed at developers who want to add static and dynamic quality control charts to their C# and Visual Basic .NET applications.



 Typical users are SPC engineers and other quality control professionals creating .NET-based applications that will be used to monitor critical quality factors in manufacturing, process, and service industries. The toolkit includes templates for the most common SPC control chart types: variable control charts (X-Bar R, X-Bar Sigma, Individual Range, and Median Range charts), attribute control charts (p-, np-, c-, and u-charts), frequency histograms, probability charts, and Pareto diagrams. The software will automatically calculate SPC control limits using historical data for the supported variable control chart and attribute control chart types. Users are able to interact with charts by adding annotations, defining custom tool-tips, and editing notes.

 The SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net software has as a foundation the Quinn-Curtis QCChart2D charting software, and can be purchased as either an add-on to that software or in combination with it. A 30-day trial version of the software is available from the Quinn-Curtis Web site.

 The SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net is a family of chart templates and support classes that integrate the QCChart2D charting software with tables, data structures, and specialized rendering routines used for the static and dynamic display of SPC charts. The SPC chart templates are pre-programmed classes that create, manage, and display the graphs and tables corresponding to major SPC control chart types. Using methods and properties, each template can be further customized by the programmer.

 The software is written entirely in C# and works with all platforms and browsers compatible with the .NET Framework. Applications created using the software run on all Windows versions from Windows 98 to the current version of Windows XP. The recommended development environment is Microsoft Visual Studio for .NET configured for the C# and/or the Visual Basic programming languages.

 Complete product details are located at http://www.quinn-curtis.com/QCSPCChartProdPage.htm. A demonstration program is available at http://www.quinn-curtis.com/QCSPCChartNetDemo.zip.


Quinn-Curtis, Inc.

Price: SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net add-on to the QCChart2D software, US$200 (single-developer license). Purchased in combination with the QCChart2D software, US$300 (per developer). The user is entitled to free updates of the software for a period of two years.

Web Site: http://www.quinn-curtis.com


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