Professional Validation And More Version 3.0

Professional Validation And More Version 3.0

Professional Validation And More ( VAM ) provides validation technology for ASP.NET Web forms. Validation involves the rules to evaluate data entry fields and a user interface that communicates errors clearly with the user.

 VAM 3.0 provides a suite of controls to handle all aspects of data entry, including five textboxes that provide the JavaScript tricks that experts use; the MultiSegmentDataEntry control, which improves on the masked textbox for strongly patterned data like phone and social security numbers; 25 validators and a ValidationSummary control that address validation rules and user interface choices; four FieldStateControllers that generate the JavaScript that monitors clicks and changes to one control and modifies the appearance of other controls; the CalculationController, which calculates from a mathematical expression that uses values entered by the user to show on the page without posting back; the Interactive Hints tool, which displays a hint as the user enters a field; and best practice defenses against hackers who employ SQL injection, cross-site-scripting, input tampering, and brute force attacks.

 Visit the Web site for complete details and a free trial version.

Price: US$200 per production server.

Web Site:


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