Parasoft .TEST 4.0 Announced

Parasoft .TEST 4.0 Announced

Parasoft Corp. announced the release of Parasoft .TEST 4.0, an integrated solution for automating a broad range of best practices designed to increase software development team productivity and software quality. Parasoft .TEST ensures developers that their .NET code works as expected by enabling coding policy enforcement, static analysis, and unit testing. The new release features innovative technology that saves development teams time by providing a streamlined manual code review process.

 New in Parasoft .TEST 4.0 is Bug Detective, a new type of static analysis technology that uses several analysis techniques, including simulation of application execution paths to identify paths that could trigger run-time defects. With Bug Detective, users can find, diagnose, and fix classes of software errors that can evade coding standard analysis and unit testing.

 In addition, Parasoft .TEST includes a new code review module that helps automate the review process to facilitate code review participation and communication, and consequently make code reviews more productive and practical for organizations.

 The module allows users to define and manage distribution lists and groupings for code review notifications and routings. This Code Review module will benefit distributed development teams who cannot logistically participate in physical code review sessions.

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