Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 Announced

Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 Announced

Parasoft announced the availability of Parasoft SOAtest 5.0, a comprehensive and collaborative test and analysis suite. Designed specifically to ensure secure, reliable, and compliant Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), this release simplifies testing through multiple layers of business applications. Parasoft provides software development organizations an automated infrastructure to control and improve the process of developing business applications.

 SOAtest 5.0 s new policy enforcement is a key design feature that allows users to comply with defined SOA policies. Additionally, the new integration with BEA Aqualogic Enterprise repository provides another layer of policy enforcement, which further ensures interoperability and consistency.

 Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 facilitates the challenges of testing in a complex environment and boosts productivity in a distributed environment. Parasoft SOAtest can now automatically run load tests in regression mode regularly and much earlier, enabling users to detect performance problems early in the software development lifecycle when they are easier, quicker, and less costly to resolve.

   By streamlining the process of rapidly constructing robust regression suites for more complex business scenarios, Parasoft SOAtest 5.0 helps clients achieve the ROI that is expected of SOA initiatives.


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