Oracle unveils mobile dev framework

Oracle unveils mobile dev framework

Oracle has launched a new platform aimed at prodding mobile app designers toward Java-based development.

The platform—Oracle Application Development Framework mobile client—is an extension of the company’s broader ADF. According to Oracle, it simplifies app development by offering up a single Java-based user interface that is designed to let developers build one application that can be translated to multiple devices that operate on myriad operating systems without redevelopment.

Oracle’s system is built on the same programming platform as Java Server Faces, making it a draw for developers already familiar with Java tools. The visual editing applications are similar, Oracle said, allowing developers to build device-independent apps that can be rendered on multiple mobile devices.

Because of the tie-in to Oracle’s ADF, the mobile client also aids developers in addressing components such as field service, warehouse management and sales force automation in the development of their applications.

Clearly, Oracle’s mission is to continue to appeal to Java-loving developers—while also giving them a way to leverage their existing skills on Java development into the mobile environment. 


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