New Suite from ASPNETWatchDog

New Suite from ASPNETWatchDog

  ASPNETWatchDog is a suite of .NET components and services that enable you to log ASP.NET HTTP responses and watch them online or play them back later. It provides ASP.NET developers and administrators an easy way to capture, monitor, and replay the activities in ASP.NET, for debugging, performance tuning, etc.

  On the server side, ASPNETWatchDog consists of ASPNETCapture, an ASP.NET HTTP module that logs the ASP.NET HTTP responses for the specified Web applications; ASPNETCaptureGuard, a Windows Service that guards the captured logs for a specified period of days and maximum size; and ASPNETCaptureQuery, an ASP.NET Web Service that provides query functionality for a specified log.

  On the client side, this product includes ASPNETMonitor, a WinForm application that's capable of monitoring what has been logged online, and ASPNETReplayer, a WinForm application that communicates with the ASPNETCaptureQuery Web Service to play back the captured history.


ASPNETWatchDog, Inc.

Price: US$49

Contact: mailto:[email protected]

Web Site:

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