Nevron Releases Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2006

Nevron Releases Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2006

Nevron Chart for .NET is a data visualization component for .NET. Nevron Chart for .NET Q1 2006 aims to provide your applications with data visualization capabilities to improve the look and impact of your product.


Version Q1 2006 includes new charting types, many new built-in functions, and other improvements:

  • Support for Visual Studio. Nevron provides two side-by-side working versions for Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.
  • Fully Functional Evaluation. The evaluation version is fully functional and there is no time restriction.
  • Three Versions. Nevron Chart for .NET is available in three editions (Lite, Professional, and Enterprise). All three editions support Windows Forms and Web Forms. To see the list of different features visit


What s new in version Q1 2006:

  • New charting types. Step Line (2D Step Line, 3D Step Line, DateTime Step Line) and Error Bar (Y Error Bar, XY Error Bar, XYZ Error Bar).
  • 23 new built-in functions. Median Price, Typical Prices, Weighted Close, Envelopes, Chaikin s Volatility, Commodity Channel Index, Detrended Price Oscillator, Mass Index, Performance Indicator, Rate of Change, TRIX, Williams %R, Accumulation / Distribution, Chaikin Oscillator, Ease of Movement, Money Flow Index, Negative Volume Index, On Balance Volume, Positive Volume Index, Price and Volume Trend, Covariance, Correlation, and Median.
  • Improved Editor. The chart editor now supports a direct update feature, allowing you to instantly preview the changes in the chart DOM.
  • Nevron DOM Compatible. The chart is compatible with the Nevron DOM (Document Object Model), allowing you to subscribe for each property change made from code or from the user.
  • AutoRefresh property. When set to true the control will automatically refresh when some of its properties are modified from code.
  • Improved Custom Binary and Custom XML serialization. The new custom serialization capabilities of the control now allow for version-tolerant serialization of the control state in binary and XML form.
  • Improved rendering of chart walls. Improved rendering of chart walls now allows for transparent walls, and the addition of front and top walls.



Price: Lite, US$299; Professional, US$589 (Subscription for Professional edition, US$299);

Enterprise, US$889 (Subscription for Enterprise edition, US$459)

Web Site:


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