Nevron .NET Vision Launched (Q4 2006 Updates)

Nevron .NET Vision Launched (Q4 2006 Updates)

Nevron announced a new version of their component suite for .NET developers, Nevron .NET Vision. The suite is designed to enable developers to add functional, diverse, and great-looking charts and diagrams into their .NET applications to visualize different types of business, financial, or scientific data. The suite also includes a User Interface component set that is completely manageable and customizable.

 There are no major improvements in the diagram in this release because they are beyond the scope of a single quarterly release. The Diagram roadmap includes new layouts, support for pages, and a formula sheet.

 Nevron User Interface is actually a component suite itself. It is designed to be a totally customizable and manageable set of controls that developers can use to shape their applications with a smooth, professional-looking, and easy to work with graphical user interface. The Entry Control logic is extended and enables you to have virtually any control wrapped, not only the ones that ship with Nevron User Interface. Rich Text support has been improved and optimized and now hyperlink support is available on a per-UIElement basis.

 Redesigned Scale Model. The Axes of Nevron Chart now employ a declarative scale model to describe the axis scale, scale decorations, and wall decorations. This is combined with a powerful set of scale configurators that can be used to describe and extend any type of scale. The model includes:

  • Label Fitting. The scale can automatically detect and resolve label overlapping (implemented in both 2D and 3D).
  • Better Date Time Support. You can specify non-regular time units (e.g., units that cannot be expressed through milliseconds and are dependent on some reference date). The month, quarter, and year are examples of such units.
  • Distance Based Scale Decoration. This is the ability to control the distance between scale decorations (ticks, labels, etc.) depending on the scale size in device units. This feature automatically reduces/increases the number of ticks and labels on the scale depending on the size of the chart. Smaller charts will be less decorated, which improves the chart readability.
  • Interlace and Sampled Stripes. This feature allows you to dynamically highlight ranges of data on the chart.
  • Scale Sections. Scale sections allow you to alter the appearance of different scale elements if they fall in a specified range. This allows you to visually highlight important ranges of data to which the user has to pay special attention.
  • Custom scale programming. You can modify the standard defined axis scales in any way you see fit, or create custom ones.


Redesigned Axis Positioning. The Axes in Nevron Chart now use anchors to attach to different places in the chart. There are two types of anchors: Dock and Cross anchors. Dock anchors allow you to dock the axis to one of the 12 edges of a 3D cube. Each edge is called a zone. This type of docking allows you to stack axes on the sides of the chart without overlapping. Cross-axis anchors allow you to position the axes to cross another axis either at a certain value or at a percentage of the crossed axis length.



Price: Nevron .NET Vision is available as a free, fully functional, and not-time-limited evaluation download. Nevron Chart, Diagram, and User Interface can be used or purchased separately or together as a suite. Nevron .NET Vision is available for purchase from US$989 for the Professional Edition and US$1,589 for the Enterprise Edition.

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