NetAdvantage for WPF 2007.1 Launched

NetAdvantage for WPF 2007.1 Launched

Infragistics announced the availability of NetAdvantage for WPF 2007 Volume 1, a toolset that extends the capabilities of the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform by providing editable DataGrid style controls for developers. By using the new capabilities provided by the WPF platform, such as vector-based graphics, subtle animation, and stylization capabilities, NetAdvantage for WPF gives developers the tools needed to create the newest breed of user interfaces. The premiere release is available for download at

 NetAdvantage for WPF provides a traditional tabular-style data editing scenario. NetAdvantage for WPF includes the xamDataGrid, a presentation control that supports many traditional grid UI features such as inline data editing, hierarchical data display, and sorting and grouping of data. Because the control embraces the WPF styling architecture, users have full control over the final presentation through style and template editing.

 NetAdvantage for WPF is the latest in the long line of NetAdvantage presentation layer components. In addition to xamDataGrid, the xamDataPresenter controls gives developers the tools needed to create the newest breed of revolutionary user interfaces.


Within the xamDataPresenter are several tools developers can use, including:

  • xamCarouselPanel is the foundation for this series of controls, which provides the base layout functionality. Based on the WPF Panel concept, it restricts the control s functionality to features related purely to element layout.
  • xamCarouselListBox merges the xamCarouselPanel with a traditional bound items list, allowing users to bind a flat list of data items to a control that leverages the layout capabilities of the xamCarouselPanel to position each item in the list.
  • xamDataCarousel builds on the concepts of xamCarouselListBox by offering a variety of enhancements, including hierarchical data display, and sorting and grouping of data. Additionally, the control automatically generates item templates based on the structure of the bound data.


NetAdvantage products can be purchased in individual platform-specific suites, or grouped in platform combinations. Any NetAdvantage product suite purchase includes full source code to the purchased components and frameworks, around-the-clock developer support, and updates and upgrades for one year on a guaranteed release cycle. Priority support via phone, 24-hour chat, and e-mail is also available.

 Current subscribers of Infragistics NetAdvantage products, with a valid subscription on the date of the initial release of NetAdvantage for WPF, will receive keys for NetAdvantage for WPF at no additional cost. This will be a full-featured, complete WPF product release, inclusive of matching product support to the level of the current subscription to which it is attached. The free product will be awarded without subscription. Subscribers may elect to add subscription at a reduced cost of US$100.

 Additionally, for a limited time, a special offer is exclusively available to MSDN Subscribers through Microsoft s MSDN Subscriber portal. Infragistics will offer MSDN Subscribers a free downloadable WPF xamDataGrid with one year of free online product support. MSDN Subscribers will then be able to purchase the NetAdvantage for WPF subscription service with full support for US$199 if they purchase the subscription by November 5, 2007.



Special Introductory Pricing: US$395 and US$895 (with priority support included). The product will be sold under an annual subscription model with source code included. Introductory pricing expires upon the release of Volume 2.

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