MVP Systems Announces JAMS for Windows .NET

MVP Systems Announces JAMS for Windows .NET

JAMS for Windows .NET is a full-featured, multi-platform task-scheduling system built in C# and based on the .NET Framework. JAMS supports the Windows 2000/XP/2003, OpenVMS, and UNIX/Linux environments.

 JAMS is designed to take full advantage of the features and functionality of the .NET Framework. JAMS simplifies the difficulties of managing, running, and scheduling scripts or tasks across platforms to enable easy application integration and datacenter automation.

 JAMS is comprised of three components: the Scheduler, the Client, and Agents. The JAMS Client may be deployed in unlimited quantities by any customer using a .NET or OpenVMS Scheduler. The Developer Edition of JAMS is a free license that enables developers to explore the capabilities of JAMS on their own workstations.

 JAMS ships with an Outlook-style interface, which is used to define, run, schedule, monitor, and review the results of tasks or scripts on any system. JAMS can also trigger work based on application activity, such as business transactions, database updates, or operating system events.


MVP Systems, Inc.

Price: Contact MVP Systems.

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