Motorola Leads Way With Devices for Verizon LTE Network

Motorola Leads Way With Devices for Verizon LTE Network

Motorola Mobility may be newly established (following a split of its former parent company) but it is wasting no time making its 2011 bets on new technologies, including Android Honeycomb and Verizon’s LTE network.

Motorola Mobility showed off a handful of devices this week running on that new network and betting heavily on the continued evolution of Google’s Android operating system.

Connected Planet has details on the device lineup:

Motorola was the first to show off an LTE phone Wednesday revealing the Droid Bionic, one of two dual-core processor phones it announced at CES. Verizon also demoed prototype versions of its new tablet, called the Xoom, which will have EV-DO connectivity at launch later this year, but will be hardware upgradable to LTE through a module. The Xoom is still in development, mainly because its operating system still isn’t ready. Rather than use an older smartphone-centric of Android, Moto is building a larger tablet on the back of Android 3.0, or Honeycomb, which will be the first iteration of Google’s OS fully optimized for the tablet form factor.

Read the rest of the story, including details of additional devices on Verizon’s new LTE network.


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