MoleStudio Releases MoleBox Pro 2.2.5

MoleStudio Releases MoleBox Pro 2.2.5

MoleBox Pro 2.2.5 from MoleStudio is a run-time .exe packer for Windows applications that processes software and all of it resource files in order to create a single executable file. In doing so, the program compresses and encrypts executable files, data, media files, and DLLs, as well as embeds DLLs into executable files. After processing any software application with MoleBox, that data cannot be viewed, extracted, copied, or modified. In addition, reverse-engineering becomes extremely difficult. The program does not affect the functionality of the original application in any way and does not require any additional coding.

 MoleBox Pro has the capability to create several packages, rather than packing all data into a single file. For example, developers can now opt to pack separately all their media files (sound, graphics, 3D models, textures, etc.) to protect from illegal copying. Custom encryption options for each pack are available, as well. The other advantages of processing software with MoleBox Pro includes avoiding DLL conflicts (when two or more applications use the same .dll file), decreasing overall size of applications, and creating patches, upgrades, add-ons, and level packs.

 MoleBox Pro 2.2.5 is distributed electronically over the Internet. A free demo version is available from the MoleBox Web site.



Price: MoleBox Standard (feature-limited version), US$49; MoleBox Pro (single license), US$99; MoleBox Pro (site license), US$299

Web Site:


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