ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer 1.05 Released

ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer 1.05 Released

Many file-based difference viewers report changes if methods or properties are moved to a different location in a source file, even if nothing relevant changed. In contrast, ModelMaker Structured Difference Viewer does not care about white space or position as it compares source files based on syntax. This helps you trace actual changes, even if methods, fields, or properties are moved or appear in different order.

 Using Structured Difference Viewer you can show the difference between files based on syntax, trace detailed changes even if methods are moved to different positions or appear in different order, ignore changes that are simply related to line spanning and white space, and use the Difference tree for quick navigation to modified entities.

 New features in version 1.05 include C# for .NET syntax support, Delphi 2005 syntax and IDE integration support, an extended command line interface, and a customizable difference color scheme.

 Registered customers are eligible to receive a free update. A free, fully functional demonstration is available at the ModelMaker Web site.


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Price: See Web site.

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