Microsoft Releases .NET Speech SDK Version 1.0 Beta

Microsoft Releases .NET Speech SDK Version 1.0 Beta

  Microsoft announced the beta release of the Microsoft .NET Speech Software Development Kit (SDK), the industry's first Web developer tool and first product deployment based on the Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) specification. The SDK seamlessly integrates into the Visual Studio .NET development environment and will make it faster and easier for Web developers to incorporate speech functionality into Web applications and create new business opportunities by leveraging their existing Web development knowledge and skills.

  The .NET Speech SDK is a set of SALT-based speech application development tools and speech controls that integrate with Visual Studio .NET. It's also the first speech toolkit to integrate with ASP.NET.

  The SALT specification is currently under development by a diverse group of industry leaders, including Microsoft. It defines a lightweight set of extensions to familiar Web markup languages, in particular HTML and XHTML, that will enable multimodal and telephony access to information, applications, and Web services from personal computers (PCs), telephones, cellular phones, tablet PCs, and wireless personal digital assistants. The specification is slated for release to an international standards body by mid-year 2002.


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