Microsoft Ignite: Grab the mobile app to stay connected on the go during the conference


Just one week from today the annual Microsoft Ignite conference will kick off in Atlanta, GA.

If you are preparing for your trip to this years event then you will want to download the Microsoft Ignite mobile app for your device so that you have all of the conference information, including your schedule, at your fingertips.

Microsoft makes the event app available to Windows mobile and desktop users plus to those on Android and iOS.

The app(s) give you access to all of this information about Microsoft Ignite:

  • My Conference - Your personal schedule.
  • My Evaluations - Evals for sessions you attend.
  • Schedule Builder - Put together and modify your schedule for the week.
  • Speakers - Learn more about speakers for all sessions.
  • Conference Info - Overall details on the conference, transportation, networking, agenda, code of conduct, etc.
  • Partners - List of exhibitors, products, services and sponsors.
  • Microsoft Showcase - A list of all of the Microsoft products and services that will be on display/demoed during Ignite.
  • Attendee Networking - Connect with other attendees.
  • Messages - Messages from other attendees or conference organizers.
  • Notifications - Alerts about your sessions or general conference related info delivered through push notifications.
  • Maps - Detailed maps of all the conference related facilities including the Expo show floor and spaces where presentations will be held.
  • Social and News - Keep up with all the content about Ignite across social networks. Also includes links to Ignite website and blog.

Here are the links to the Microsoft Ignite app download on each platform:

This gallery shows screenshots from the Android version of the Ignite mobile app but expect the experience to be the same across all three platforms.


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