Mango-Powered Fujitsu-Toshiba Phones on Sale in Japan

Mango-Powered Fujitsu-Toshiba Phones on Sale in Japan

mango big_0Microsoft opened its Mango Marketplace to developer submissions only days ago (MDP: Microsoft Mango Marketplace Opening For Submission), but Japanese carrier KDDI has a trio of Fujitsu Toshiba ISI2T handsets running Mango all ready to go, and go it has decided to do just that, making the phones available through its Au brand

Now on sale in Japan, according to Ars Technica, the phones — in black and searing shades of citrus and magenta — are notably hearty, perhaps given the young audiences they're intended for (judging by the colors). They're water resistant and dust resistant, support GSM and CDMA-based communications, and feature a 13.2-megapixel camera, 32GB storage, DLNA media streaming, navigation, a social networking client, custom applications and a custom email app.

Why the big excitement at Au?

One explanation: Mango is the first version of Windows Phone to support non-Latin carriers, opening up the phones to interested users in Japan, China and Korea.

American audiences, it's rumored, will see Mango phones from HTC, Samsung and LG come September. 

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