Looking Forward - 30 Oct 2009

Executive Editor s Comment

Looking Forward

This is an exciting time for asp.netPRO magazine. On the website we ll be covering the news of the launches in 2010 that ASP.NET developers are watching with keen interest Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0. And in the magazine we ll be bringing you practical content you can use. Watch our blogs on the new www.aspnetPRO.com website and on our sister site, www.DevProConnections.com. Help us help you build a strong asp.netPRO community through our online presence. Our new website allows us much more flexibility in delivering content and features. Let us know what you think of the changes and what else you d like to see implemented. You can also follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/aspnetPROMag.

As I said, we re continuing to deliver great developer content you can use from the authors whose expertise you value Dino Esposito, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Steve Orr, Jonathan Goodyear just to name a few. And we want to introduce you to new authors who are passionate about ASP.NET development. In fact, one of those authors may be you!

Reader to Reader Content

I d like to invite all our readers to think about difficult development problems you ve solved recently. Why not share the wealth! We ll pay $100 for a step-by-step, hands-on solution to a real-life development problem from the trenches. Send your solutions to Anne Grubb ([email protected], the senior editor for asp.netPRO and the asp.netNOW newsletter) and me ([email protected]). If there s enough interest we may even devote an entire issue to your solutions.

Magazine Size

You may have noticed that asp.netPRO magazine has gotten a bit smaller in recent months. Our advertisers are very loyal and they are passionate about this readership. But, as you probably know, the recession has hit the print industry particularly hard. And these problems really aren t new to the recession. Particularly in the business-to-business publishing arena, the cost of paper, printing, and postage for producing the magazine you re holding has been rising month after month. At the same time, our advertisers want results-oriented marketing. We can demonstrate results when a reader clicks on an online ad. But we can t prove that you took action because of an advertisement in a magazine. So in some months we ll have fewer ads and inevitably the magazine sometimes will be thinner, until media planners discover anew the branding and awareness value of print magazines.

We re also looking at other powerful ways we can bring you great content. Web seminars, web trainings, podcasts, conferences, videos, blogs, and so on. We are reinventing the way we deliver content to you so the format better suits the information.


You may have noticed that our fellow website has been renamed! It s now called www.DevProConnections.com. The mission of the website remains the same: DevProConnections bridges the gap between development and IT administration. The site brings you news and practical content on .NET Framework, Visual Studio, database development, and coding in C# and Visual Basic. According to Kim Hansen, the publisher of DevProConnections and the asp.netPRO properties, The renaming of WinDevPro to DevProConnections builds on the brand that the Penton event, DevConnections, has already established in the marketplace. DevConnections is a well-respected conference that has done an outstanding job of connecting people in the Windows developer market. DevProConnections shares that mission and also strives to provide independent, high-quality education for Windows developers while helping to bridge the gap between the IT Pro and DevPro.

The Fall DevConnections Conference

And speaking of conferences: Look for our booth at the Fall DevConnections Conference in Las Vegas, November 9-12. We ll be there, and aspnetPRO magazine will be in your conference materials and in the bins. I enjoyed meeting with readers at our booth at the Spring DevConnections conference. What I heard from you was that you used the web for searching for solutions and for cutting and pasting code solutions, but that nothing replaced the print magazine that you could carry around and share at your office. I also was delighted to hear how much readers appreciate the real-life solutions our articles provide.

I want to wish David Riggs the best as he moves to new challenges. Anne Grubb and I are looking forward to bringing you great developer content in print and online. Drop us a line. We want to hear from you.


Sheila Molnar ([email protected]) is Executive Editor for asp.netPRO.

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