Lokas Software Releases AWInstall 4.0

Lokas Software Releases AWInstall 4.0

Lokas Software announced AWInstall 4.0, a professional installation suite that supports the .NET Framework.

 AWInstall consists of the installation engine and a visual authoring tool (Setup Builder). The engine does not require additional software like Regedit or Regsvr32 and adds only 40KB to set-up packages. The program is capable of creating compressed and uncompressed installation packages (primarily for CD and DVD distribution).

 The main advantage of the new version of AWInstall is expanded support for .NET deployment. In addition to working with standard .NET Installer components, the program is capable of checking the .NET Framework version and registering assemblies into the Global Assembly Cache. Other improvements include a new wizard-based interface and custom action DLLs integration.

 AWInstall comes with a variety of handy features; these include creating dynamic folders, COM registration actions (DLL In-Proc servers, Type Libraries, Windows NT Services), its own compression algorithm, the option to add graphics to installation windows, as well as a multiple integration option with ActiveX and VBScript/JScript.

 AWInstall provides multiple ways to customize installation packages with features like silent set-up and installation and automatic uninstall; Setup Builder comes with smart file-type detection, event logging, and a registry key import option. Newly created set-up packages can be tested on the fly. In addition, the program can create installation packages in 17 languages.

 A free trial download of AWInstall 4.0 is available at the Web site.


Lokas Software

Price: Single-developer license, US$99.95

Web Site: http://www.awinstall.com


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