LISA 2.0 Brings Automated Testing Methodology to Web Services

LISA 2.0 Brings Automated Testing Methodology to Web Services

iTKO announced LISA 2.0, software for Web services testing. Web services are modularly developed "mini-applications" that can be strung together to support complex business workflows. These reusable apps are the next big thing on the Internet because they can talk to each other using non-proprietary XML standards, and they provide a standard communication interface for all kinds of legacy systems.

  For Web services to be taken seriously in the enterprise class of applications, they must be tested, tweaked, and ready to run wherever they are deployed. Why isn't automated testing a given? Most developers will admit that getting a complex automated testing tool simply means learning a new language and writing more code.

  LISA 2.0 uses an "inline testing" technology to sit alongside and talk to any component that can impact a Web service. Inline testing goes beyond simply mimicking expected user behaviors, to discover the cause and effect of bugs. LISA can uncover and report the exact source of any Web service problems stemming from Web and app servers, network transmission, database storage and retrieval, middleware, other applications and attached components (such as EJBs or other Web services), all the way down to the most granular Java and XML code level.


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