Karamasoft Releases UltimateCallback 1.0 for ASP.NET

Karamasoft Releases UltimateCallback 1.0 for ASP.NET

Karamasoft announced the initial release of UltimateCallback, an ASP.NET server control that provides AJAX callback functionality in Web applications. This control allows you to make Web pages more responsive by exchanging data with the server behind the scenes. When the user initiates a callback request, UltimateCallback refreshes only its own contents instead of reloading the entire Web page.

 UltimateCallback allows Web developers to AJAX-enable their Web applications to increase interactivity, speed, and usability. You can place an UltimateCallback control on your Web form, then drag and drop HTML and ASP.NET controls onto the UltimateCallback panel. Then initiate a callback request from the client-side and handle the request in the Callback event handler on the server-side; only the contents of the UltimateCallback control will be updated automatically whenever the user makes a callback to the server.

 You can override the rendering mechanism on the server-side or client-side. Also, you can return the successful callback result to a client-side function, while returning the callback error to another client-side function for exception handling. You can display an HTML block while processing the callback request, as well.

 You can also enable caching to cache callback arguments and results on the client-side to improve performance. If you want to work with the latest values on a Web form you can get the latest state of all form elements along with the callback request. You can initiate callbacks automatically at specified intervals in milliseconds without a single line of coding. The control provides down-level browser support by handling callback requests as regular postbacks when XMLHTTP is not supported.

 UltimateCallback is available as a Developer Subscription License and an Enterprise Subscription License. For more information visit http://www.karamasoft.com/UltimateCallback/Overview.aspx. For samples visit http://www.karamasoft.com/Samples.aspx?component=UltimateCallback. Licensed UISuite customers can download the UltimateCallback control for free. Others can download a fully functional trial version at http://www.karamasoft.com/UltimateCallback/Download.aspx.


Karamasoft LLC

Price: Starts at US$249

Web Site: http://www.karamasoft.com


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