Join the IT/Dev Connections Community Discussions Early

Join the IT/Dev Connections Community Discussions Early

In addition to the BIG announcement this morning for the dates and location for IT/Dev Connections 2014, I wanted to also give you some key community resources we've rolled out that will help you start the awesome event early.

Use these resources to get answer to questions, receive insight from those who have attended before, chat about IT/Dev Connections news, and even make plans to hook up and enjoy the event together.

For questions and general discussion, we have created an online forum. You can find the web-based forum here:

IT/Dev Connections forum

For those who would rather discuss IT/Dev Connections over email instead of a web-based forum, here's an email discussion list:


Archive:[email protected]/

RSS Feed:[email protected]/maillist.xml

Looking for a little more? The IT/Dev Connections Community group gives you access to conference downloads (like the Twitter Guide, Conference Guide, and Venue maps) and allows you to upload your memories through pictures and comments. You can find it here:

IT/Dev Connections Community Group

If all you want is to be notified about news and updates for the conference, you can do that, too. Just drop out to the conference's main site and sign up for conference alerts:

The email notification sign-up is on the right-hand side of the page, just under the Register button.

And, of course, make sure to watch the event on Facebook and Twitter.



Twitter Hashtag: #devconnections

Google Plus:

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