JetBrains Releases TeamCity 4.0

JetBrains Releases TeamCity 4.0

JetBrains announced the availability of TeamCity 4.0 (, a continuous integration server and distributed build management tool. TeamCity automates routine procedures, streamlines the software development process, improves team communication, and helps development teams implement agile methodology and other industry-best practices.

 Its key benefits include on-the-fly build feedback, faster builds and better scalability, clean code base, better control over large-scale environments, easy set up and adoption, and extensibility. Starting with v3.0, TeamCity has been free for small and medium-sized teams. New features include:

  • Build Chains support, which allows breaking down a single build procedure into several parts/builds that can be run on different build agents using the same sets of sources in all of them.
  • Tests Re-ordering tests that are likely to fail are determined and performed first the next time the project builds.
  • Possibility to redo any build from a particular version control revision (history builds).
  • Improved agents authentication mechanics, per-agent CPU-benchmarks, and agents overview statistics matrix.
  • Statistics for an entire project, and comparative statistics on a single chart.
  • New integrations, including FxCop and dedicated Rake runner, as well as improvements for old ones, such as MSTest.
  • Improved Eclipse integration, which brings to the Eclipse world many features previously available only for IntelliJ IDEA users.
  • Lots of user interface improvements: new Project page with project-centric information and statistics, dedicated page for viewing individual test statistics and details, and many improvements in dependencies management.
  • Some of the plug-ins bundled with TeamCity, such as integrations with Eclipse, ClearCase, and FxCop, are now open source.
  • Numerous other improvements, including notifications, VCS integration, a greatly improved search engine, and more.


To learn more about JetBrains TeamCity and to download the latest build, see the official TeamCity site at A free Professional Edition is available for download at


JetBrains, Inc.

Price: TeamCity 4.0 is available free of charge for individual developers and small-to-medium teams (free Professional Edition is restricted to 20 build configurations and three build agents).

Web Site:


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