JetBrains Releases ReSharper 3.0

JetBrains Releases ReSharper 3.0

JetBrains announced the release of ReSharper version 3.0, the company s productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. This release is spearheaded by a major expansion into new languages, with full-featured support for Visual Basic .NET, XML, and XAML, backed by cross-language functionality. It also brings a host of new productivity-enhancing features, such as in-depth code analysis for C#, a unit testing solution, efficient handling of To-do lists, and other new time-saving navigation and search commands.


Significant improvements and new features in ReSharper 3.0 include:

  • C# code analysis. In addition to detecting new warnings and errors on-the-fly, ReSharper offers code suggestions. This feature gives insight into your code by offering an analysis of actual and potential errors. The code suggestion feature even notices questionable code design while you type.
  • Multiple productivity enhancers across all languages. The navigation/search feature, Go to Symbol, will help developers find any file member in their solution. Other additions include a revamped Unit Test Explorer, a To-do Explorer, and more.
  • Full-featured Visual Basic .NET support. The majority of ReSharper s features are now available for VB.NET code, including smart navigation and search, code refactorings, smart code completion options, code assistance, code generation, and more.
  • Cross-language functionality. ReSharper ensures interoperability in working with mixed C# and Visual Basic projects: usage search, refactorings, quick-fixes, and context actions take into account all code written in either language, whenever possible.
  • XML and XAML support. Support for XML and XAML is now available.


In addition to the regular, full-featured ReSharper 3.0, JetBrains is offering two language-focused editions (C# and VB.NET). These language-focused editions exclude a part of the functionality and cost a fraction of the full price. Complete product information about ReSharper is available at ReSharper 3.0 is available for a 30-day free trial download at No evaluation licenses are required. New customers can purchase ReSharper 3.0 online at



Price: Commercial license, full edition, US$349

Web Site:


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