IT/Dev Connections: SpeakerShots, Episode 5

IT/Dev Connections: SpeakerShots, Episode 5

IT/Dev Connections is a wonderful, highly technical conference that delivers content that is valuable to your IT life today.

The Belgium Connection! In episode 5, we highlight our Belgium speakers Kenny Buntinx, Dieter Wijckmans, and Tim De Keukelaere.

 Missed episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4? 

Episode 1: Learn a little more about keynoter Brad Anderson, Channel 9 rockstar Rick Claus, and the inventor of PowerShell, Jeffrey Snover.

Episode 2: In the 2nd episode, learn a little more about Jedi Master, Michael Niehaus, and his padawan-turned-Jedi, Johan Arwidmark.

Episode 3: In the 3rd episode, learn about the single attribute that makes 5 of our speakers unique from the rest, yet common to each other. Sean Deuby, Bruce MacKenzie-Low, Troy Martin, Nash Pherson, and Mark Minasi are all highlighted in this, somewhat, "hair-raising" romp.

Episode 4: In a world of sidekicks and dynamic duos, our speaker highlights in Episode 4 of SpeakerShots shows why IT/Dev Connections is rich with talent, expertise, and stars. Today we highlight Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley.

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