IPM.Post to IPM.Note Conversion on Public Folders

This is a Exchange event agent script to change the default IPM.Post used by the Exchange 2000 public folder to IPM.Note just as in Exchange 5.5 server. To use this script you will need to assign a user to the public folders with at editor rights to the public folder. Next set the Exchange event service to run uder this account and start the service. Now from your Outlook client you will need to select "tools\options\Advanced options\add-in manager" and select the server scripting extension. To create a agent select the properties of th epublic folder you wish to run this script on and select the agent tab. From this tab select new and give a name to your agent. Next select OnMessageCreated and select edit and delete all text and then paste the code example into the notepad item. You can now close the properties and your agent should now convert all meaages in arriving in this folder to "IPM.Note" from the default "IPM.Post".

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