Instant Access To the Miscrosoft Knowledge Base!

There has been an (unsupported) dll make to make it very easy to access the Microsoft Knowledge Base. All you do is type in mskb:// and then your query! First, download the MSKB.ZIP file.


The Zipped file contains a single DLL , mskb.dll.

Unzip the file to a directory , say c:\mskb.

Go to command prompt.

Change directory to c:\mskb .

Type "regsvr32 mskb.dll" [without quotes].

It should pop up a message box saying DllRegisterServer succeeded.


Go to the directory which has mskb.dll.

Type "regsvr32 /u mskb.dll" [again, without quotes].

It should pop up a messagebox saying DllUnregisterServer succeeded.

Now you can delete the file [if you want].

To Use

To goto a particular KB article by ID, Type mskb:// e.g. mskb://Q150777

To search for a pattern in the Knowledge base,Type mskb://? e.g. mskb://?mciSendString

For more info, go to the authors web site at:

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