Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1 Available

Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1 Available

Infragistics has released NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1, which allows developers to build applications and style user interfaces powered by NetAdvantage controls, providing both standardized UIs, such as the new Office 2007 UI, as well as the ability to create custom styles.

 A new NetAdvantage AppStylist tool is now provided for styling ASP.NET applications, while the NetAdvantage AppStylist tool for Windows Forms now includes Express Styling. Enhancements have been added for both Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls, inclusive of US Section 508 Compliance across the entire toolset, 64-bit system support for Windows Vista, and the new Vista Aero (Glass) style.

 Developers, architects, and visual designers can create a consistent look and feel for their applications by styling once, then reusing their styles across their applications. Infragistics also provides a selection of pre-built styles, such as the new Office 2007 UI and Vista Aero (Glass). Previously, Application Styling was only available for Windows Forms controls, but a new NetAdvantage AppStylist tool is now provided for ASP.NET applications.

 NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1 includes new features and functionalities, allowing developers to maximize Infragistics Windows Forms and AJAX-enabled ASP.NET controls and components.

  NetAdvantage for ASP.NET New Features. The newest addition to NetAdvantage for ASP.NET enables the creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using this CSS-based, mashup-friendly tool. NetAdvantage AppStylist for ASP.NET allows developers to set a look and feel across ASP.NET controls or applications with a style library, at design or run time, improving workflow and reducing maintenance costs. WebChart (which shares a core charting engine with WinChart) provides 2- and 3-dimensional chart types. Supporting Microsoft s AJAX extension 1.0, Infragistics provides a new Resizer control built directly on top of Microsoft s newest framework. WebGrid performance has been enhanced with the intuitive FilterRow interface for improved data filtering, and Microsoft Excel integration is extended with the new Excel copy and paste features. Visit to learn more about NetAdvantage for ASP.NET.

  NetAdvantage for Windows Forms New Features. Infragistics continues to develop and enhance components by innovating the styling of applications requiring a true Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel, and providing predefined styles. Express Styling generates a custom style for an entire application based on a selection of colors from a palette. Infragistics provides the latest in Office 2007 functionality enhancements, now including Conditional Formatting in their flagship WinGrid, as well as new Ribbon functionalities such as RibbonMDI Merging and a new ControlContainer control on the Office Ribbon. Visit to find out more about NetAdvantage for Windows Forms.

 NetAdvantage products can be purchased in individual platform-specific suites or grouped in platform combinations. Any NetAdvantage product suite purchase includes full source code to the purchased components and frameworks, developer support around-the-clock, and updates and upgrades for one year on a guaranteed release cycle. Priority support via phone, 24-hour chat, and e-mail is also available.


Infragistics, Inc.

Price: Pricing for any single platform NetAdvantage product (e.g. NetAdvantage for ASP.NET) starts at US$795. Dual platform products (e.g. NetAdvantage for .NET) start at US$995. Pricing for any single platform NetAdvantage product with priority support starts at US$1,295 and dual platform products with priority support start at US$1,495. Quantity pricing and corporate licensing is also available by quote.

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