Forrester: Apps to be $54.6B opportunity by 2015

Forrester: Apps to be $54.6B opportunity by 2015

Forrester Research has released a comprehensive study on the mobile app—a report that covers business app trends, the perception of mobile apps by IT professionals, the intersection of mobile and the cloud and more.

The report is aimed at IT professionals, but mobile developers can glean a lot from the study about how to design apps for increasingly mobile businesses—and the ways those businesses think about mobility as part of their work strategy.

In a blog post, the report’s author, Forrester VP and principal analyst John McCarthy, outlines the importance of an entirely new view on mobile innovation in this app-centric world.

The shift to the mobile App Internet disrupts basically everything you thought you knew about building, delivering, and managing applications. It will also dramatically impact how traditional software is sold and delivered. Every part of the IT delivery system will be affected by these tiny tools we call apps.

The report not only projects the sizing of the broad mobile market (encompassing mobile apps, development and management of workforce mobility, and reaching $54.6 billion by 2015), it also puts forth six growth drivers for mobile applications. This is where developers in particular should pay careful attention. This report should be required reading in mobile dev circles.


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