FarPoint Releases Spread for ASP.NET 4.0

FarPoint Releases Spread for ASP.NET 4.0

FarPoint Technologies announced the release of FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET version 4, a spreadsheet component for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 development. This version adds more than 20 new features, including row edit templates, multiple row records, and new cell types. FarPoint also added customizable corner, title, subtitle, and group footers, an updated look and feel with more predefined skins, and support for Office Open XML and printing to PDF.
  The updated browser-based Designer, along with the new Quick Start Wizard, enables rapid prototyping. More on the new features and enhancements can be found at http://www.farpointspread.com/netproducts/spreadweb/whatsnew.aspx.

Interactivity Improvements

Multiple-line records
Multiple column combo box
Row edit template
Ability to drag and move multiple columns
New tag cloud cell type
Selection Policy for sheets
AJAX extenders added
Ability to skip locked cells when moving with Tab key

Appearance Improvements

Sleek new predefined skins
New default sheet appearance
Title and subtitle properties at the control level
Sheet corner customizable
Conditional formatting for cell range
Highlighted headers for active cell or range
Page breaks for printing settable at row or column
Custom cursor for gray area
Column group footer
Scrolling tip content

Open Support Improvements

Support client-side for major browsers supported by Vista and .NET 3.x (Safari, etc.)
Support for printing to PDF
Support for loading and saving Microsoft Excel 2007 XML (Office Open XML - OOXML) format files

Design Improvements

New RIA browser-based Spread Designer
New Wizard
Preview Row
Reset menu in Spread Designer to initialize the design

Client-Side Improvements

Ability to add client-side event handler through Property window at design time
OnClientClick and OnClientChanged property
Get ActiveChildSheetView property client side
Client-side object model enhancement

FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET Forms combines grid capabilities and spreadsheet functionality, and includes the ability to bind to data sources and works in any of several versions of the .NET Framework, including Microsoft s latest Visual Studio 2008 development environment. Product tours, introductory videos, and more detailed feature lists are available at http://www.FarPointSpread.com.
  FarPoint Spread for ASP.NET Forms is available from FarPoint Technologies at (800) 645-5913 or (919) 460-4551. It is distributed in North America by Programmer s Paradise, Insight, VBxtras, and Component Source, as well as through selected local resellers. Internationally, customers can contact any of our supported international resellers, such as ComponentSource or GrapeCity.

FarPoint Technologies, Inc.
Suggested retail price, US$999. Upgrades from previous versions begin at US$349. Yearly maintenance plans and supplemental license packs are also available.
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