Exception Hunter Finds Unhandled Exceptions During Development

Exception Hunter Finds Unhandled Exceptions During Development

Exception Hunter from Red Gate Software could help eliminate application crashes caused by unhandled exceptions that currently plague application developers and end users.

 Developers usually wait until an error happens to find out which method throws which exceptions. Exceptions are often ignored and the errors mount, leading to strange application behavior and crashes. Exception Hunter finds and reports exceptions early in the development process, so they don t cause downstream problems for developers and end users.

 Exception Hunter is an intelligent analysis engine that accurately predicts the possible set of exceptions that can be thrown by a method. It enables developers to deal with exceptions during the development phase rather than the QA phase of a development lifecycle.


Exception Hunter is simple to use:

  • Choose the assembly to analyze.
  • Drill down to the method level.
  • Review the list of different types of exceptions that your methods can throw.
  • Write an exception handler where needed.


A demo, walkthrough, and fully functional 14-day trial download of Exception Hunter is available at http://www.red-gate.com.


Red Gate Software

Price: Starts at US$295 for a single user; discounts available for multiple-user licenses.

Web Site: http://www.red-gate.com


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